Dr Badarchiin DARMA, MD, PhD

Head, Virology Department, National Influenza Center (NIC), National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD), MoH (since 2006) and Principal Investigator, US/Mongolia Cooperative Agreement, Sustain the Influenza Surveillance and Response Capacity to Pandemic (since 2014).

Medical doctor (graduated in 1992 from the Medical Faculty, Mongolian National Medical University (MNMU), PhD (2008).

 Professional education: 1996, Medical Microbiologist, MNMU; 2002, WHO Course on Immunology, Biotechnology, Vaccinology for Infectious Diseases at Lausanne University, Switzerland; 2003-2004, Special Training, Influenza Virus Diagnosis, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), Atlanta, USA; 2006, Special Training, Diagnosis of Influenza Virus H5N1, National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan; 2007, Special Training on Influenza Virus Molecular Diagnostics, CDC, Atlanta, USA; 2008, Special Training, Quality Assurance, Molecular Diagnostics of Influenza Viruses, Public Health Service, Hong Kong, China; 2007 and 2008, Training Workshop on a Laboratory Database Software for National Influenza Center’s, in Manila, Philippines.

Working experience:

 She has worked in Shine-Jinst somon, Bayankhongor province in 1982-1986 as an assistant to somon doctor; in Department of Microbiology, MNMU in 1992-1998 as lecturer of medical microbiology; in Laboratory of Microbiology and Immunology at NCCD in 1999-2006 as a microbiologist and virologist; since 2006 as the head, Virology Department, NIC, NCCD.

She was worked as short-term laboratory consultant at WHO RO in Vientiane in Laos PDR in February to May 2014.

Professional memberships:

Founding member and President of Mongolian Society of Virology (since 2017)

Member of Scientific Committee, National Centre for Zoonotic Diseases, Mongolia (since 2011)

Member of Scientific Committee, NCCD, Mongolia (since 2014)

Member of Institutional Review Board of NCCD, MoH, Mongolia (since 2012)

Associate Editor, Scientific Journal “Mongolian Journal of Infectious Diseases Research” (since 2017); Member of Mongolian National Association for Control of Infectious Diseases (since 2010)

 Dr B.Darmaa has been awarded by title of Outstanding Health Worker of the Capital City in 1997; Outstanding Health Worker of Mongolia in 2006, the Best Research Fellow, MNMU in 2008, and Outstanding Medical Research Fellow of Mongolia in 2008.

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