“COVID-19 and Influenza preparedness, Influenza rapid testing” three-day workshop

General Director of NCCD D.Nyamkhuu and Minister of Health consultant O.Chimedsuren gave an opening speech at the beginning of the workshop. Therefore, the MoH consultant presented “ILI prevention, management and planning” and stated this workshop’s importance, right timing.

At the first-half of the workshop facilitators presented Mongolian ILI/SARI, virology laboratory surveillance results, COVID-19 and Pandemic Influenza preparedness, preventive measures, and internal and external relevant document and guidelines regarding COVID-19 pandemic, Mongolian imported cases clinical, epidemiological characteristic and presentation.


At the second half of the workshop NCCD Virology laboratory specialists divided participants into three groups and conducted an exercise for respiratory specimen collecting, storing and transporting. The main exercise included taking a nasal/oropharyngeal swab and testing it with influenza rapid testing kit.

The Primary health care providers (FGPs) collecting a respiratory sample from people who meet case criteria and testing them with Influenza rapid kit, and taking the right response according to the test result benefits for decreasing workload at the secondary and tertiary level health facilities. That’s why during this influenza season response planning in the health-sector, capacitating primary health care providers play a significant role in managing workload at each level.

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