In Mongolia, influenza activity started from end of November 2019 with predominantly influenza B/Victoria viruses. The Virology Laboratory, National Influenza Center, National Center for Communicable Diseases has tested 938 specimens from the 30th week of 2019 to the 51st week in 2019 (Figure1).

293(31.2%) specimens were positive and predominated for influenza and other respiratory viruses of these were 88(9%) influenza B, 52(6%) Rhinovirus and 46(5%) Coronavirus OC43/NL63 (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Respiratory viruses dynamic from 30th week to 51st week in 2019.

Figure 2. Positivity of respiratory viruses detected by rt PCR from 30th week to 51st week in 2019.

Hemagglutinin gene of the recent influenza B virus detected in Mongolia We have sequenced HA gene of the influenza B/Victoria viruses isolated in Now and Dec.2019 and the phylogenetic analyses shown that the B/Victoria viruses within V1A.3 sub clade. These viruses were not close with vaccine strain B/Colorado/06/2017 (clade V1A.1) in 2019/2020 season (Figure 3).

Figure 3. Dendrogram of B/Ulaanbaatar/2408/2019 (Ass. Number: EPI1640526) and B/Ulaanbaatar/2676/2019 (Ass. Number: EPI1640525) strains which detected in Now and Dec in 2019 compared with the vaccine strain for the 2019-20 season and strains representing HA clades (the designation of the Mongolian strains are blue, of the vaccine strains are red and of the strains representing HA genetic clades are black)

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