PISA “Pandemic Influenza Severity Assessment” Workshop
In 27-28th of February 2019 PISA workshop has successfully arranged. Total 21 experts from MOH, WHO, NCCD participated in this workshop, leaded by epidemiologist Yuzo Arima from Tokyo National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID).

In order to assess severity of seasonal and pandemic influenza WHO is recommending PISA tool. Severity, Transmission and Impacts are three main indicators for PISA tool. Using that three main indicator PISA can assess transmission among population, severity of pandemic, social and health care system impacts. From 2014-2016 some countries are using this tool, although it is always revising based on countries experience.

PISA tool has important role for national level interventions such as Pandemic Influenza Preparedness planning, response, informing decision makers with reliable information in a timely manner.

Photo 2. Facilitator Yuzo Arima

Photo 3. Participants During Workshop

Photo 4. Participants during group discussion

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