National Influenza Center, Mongolia (NIC, Mongolia)
NIC, Mongolia is the main professional reference institution of the Government of Mongolia responsible for: 
  • conducting of epidemiological and virological surveillances of influenza and influenza-like illnesses (ILI) countrywide,
  • development of technical guidelines of prevention and control ILI epidemics and pandemics and of ILI clinical management,
  • collaboration and exchange of information in relation to ILI-activities with WHO GISN and NICs of other WHO member countries.
  The country-wide ILI surveillance of morbidity, mortality and etiology of ILI are carried out by NIC, Mongolia with support of the Health Departments of the Capital City and Provinces, and sentinel surveillance sites (total more than 80) in the Capital City and Dornogobi, Selenghe, Orkhon, Darkhan-uul, Uvurkhangai, Khovd, Dornod provinces (aimaks).
NIC, Mongolia was set up in 1974 on the basis of Virology Department of the National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, Ministry of Health (MoH), Mongolia and has been recognized by WHO in 1978 as the national center. NIC, Mongolia was transferred in 2001 to the newly organized National Center of Communicable Diseases, MoH, Mongolia according to the re-organization of institutions of MoH and now NIC, Mongolia is functioning based on Virology Department and Surveillance Unit, NCCD.
NIC, Mongolia’s collaboration with WHO GISN has been intensified since 2004 and now NIC, Mongolia is reporting weekly the requested data on ILI activity to the global influenza database FluNet and sending regularly the representative strains of influenza viruses isolated in Mongolia to the WHO Collaborating Centers at CDC, Atlanta, USA and NIID, Tokyo, Japan. This is a contribution of NIC, Mongolia to the selection process of the influenza vaccine viruses. NIC, Mongolia has joined WHO EQAP since 2007 from the beginning of the Network ensuring quality of laboratory performances on the world level.
NIC, Mongolia is effectively collaborating with CDC, USA through the joint project under the Cooperative Agreement between MoH, Mongolia and DHHS, USA since 2004 which has improved dramatically the quality of NIC laboratory performances.
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